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Take a Bite
You Are My Best Friend
The Charioteer
My Folks and I
Open Your Eyes and Look
Eternal Kiss - small
Would You Like To Be Under My Umbrella?
To Freedom
We Are The Champions
Bicycle, Bicycle
My Beauty
The Gate B
Young Lady
Unexpected Visitor
Cradling Woman
Twittering and Chattering 1
Twittering & Chattering 2
When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever
We Waste No Time At All
There Is a Place Also For You
The Gate A
The Figure
The Disk
The Bird of Paradise
To The Sky
Thank You Stars
Starry, Starry Night ...
Sharing The Same Thoughts
Spiritual Reckoning
Serenade for the Moon
Seagull's Daughter
The Swing
Love Dance - detail
No Beginning and No End
Melody Of The Soul
Man and His Home
Long Torso
Say Cheese...
Releasing My Bird
Playng With Love
K & Q of Hearts
Just Good Friends
Learning To Fly
La Passionara
Informal Conversation
Improvisation 1951
I Am So Proud To Know That You Are Mine
Hearts In Passion
Jumping Into The Water - Medium
Juggling Love
Getting Closer
First Step
Fishing Love
First Flight
Hush Hush
Family Bonding
Expectation - Small
Power Hand
Flying Woman